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Adamantite Deposit
Object found in Zones:

Items looted from this object:

Adamantite Ore
Azure Moonstone
Basilisk Liver
Blood Garnet
Bloody Fang
Brilliant Feather
Chunk o' Basilisk
Connective Tissue
Dampscale Basilisk Eye
Deep Peridot
Elemental Fragment
Elemental Shard
Encrusted Basilisk Skin
Enormous Molar
Eroded Mail Circlet
Essence of Earth
Eternium Ore
Felfire Spleen
Fish Oil
Flame Spessarite
Giant Scale
Gnarled Boar Tusk
Golden Draenite
Grime-encrusted Scale
Hardened Carapace
Living Ruby
Mote of Earth
Mote of Mana
Netherweave Cloth
Noble Topaz
Obsidian Warbeads
Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample
Primordial Essence
Razor Sharp Fang
Shadow Draenite
Shiny Fish Scales
Smoked Talbuk Venison
Star of Elune
Sunspring Carp
Super Healing Potion
Telaar Supply Crate
Twisted Rock Flayer Talon
Unidentified Plant Parts
Vorpal Claw
Withered Basidium
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