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Copper Vein
Object found in Zones:

Items looted from this object:

Bard's Boots
Bat Flesh
Bent Large Shield
Big Bear Meat
Blazing Wand
Blood Shard
Bloody Bear Paw
Broken Fang
Burnt Leather Breeches
Canvas Gloves
Chipped Bear Tooth
Clam Meat
Cold Iron Pick
Copper Bar
Copper Ore
Cracked Bill
Crude Bastard Sword
Dalaran Sharp
Dirty Trogg Cloth
Dried Bat Blood
Dwarven Hatchet
Flimsy Chain Belt
Flimsy Chain Pants
Fractured Canine
Heavy Stone
Iron Ore
Irradiated Crystal Shard
Kobold Mining Mallet
Kobold Mining Shovel
Large Bear Tooth
Linen Cloth
Loose Chain Bracers
Loose Chain Cloak
Minor Healing Potion
Murloc Eye
Mutated Petal
Ornamental Mace
Patchwork Belt
Patchwork Pants
Pattern: Fine Leather Gloves
Poisoned Spider Fang
Rabbit's Foot
Raw Slitherskin Mackerel
Refreshing Spring Water
Rethban Ore
Rotting Heart
Rough Stone
Scorpid Stinger
Scroll of Spirit
Scroll of Stamina
Searing Collar
Shiny Red Apple
Shiny Seashell
Small Spider Leg
Snapped Spider Limb
Stringy Wolf Meat
Tangy Clam Meat
Tel'Abim Banana
Thorny Constrictor Vine
Underlight Ore
Willow Boots
Withered Staff
Wool Cloth
Worn Leather Pants
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