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Fel Iron Deposit
Object found in Zones:

Items looted from this object:

Azure Moonstone
Basilisk Liver
Blood Garnet
Blood Soaked Tail
Bloody Fang
Chunk o' Basilisk
Cracked Boar Tusk
Damaged Rock Flayer Talon
Dampscale Basilisk Eye
Deep Peridot
Demonic Capacitor
Elemental Fragment
Elemental Shard
Eternium Ore
Fel Gland
Fel Iron Ore
Fenclaw Waistband
Filtered Draenic Water
Flame Spessarite
Fractured Carapace
Giant Scale
Gnarled Ravager Carapace
Gnarled Ravager Fang
Golden Draenite
Light Feather
Living Ruby
Loosely Threaded Shoulderpads
Mote of Earth
Mote of Fire
Netherweave Cloth
Noble Topaz
Primordial Essence
Ravager Flesh
Razor Sharp Fang
Shadow Draenite
Smoked Talbuk Venison
Spined Ring
Star of Elune
Stone Reaper
Tarnished Plate Pants
Thick Furry Mane
Twitching Leg
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