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Solid Chest
Object found in Zones:

Items looted from this object:

"Mage-Eye" Blunderbuss
A Wooden Leg
Alterac Swiss
Aurora Boots
Azerothian Diamond
Balanced Long Bow
Balanced War Axe
Barbarian War Axe
Battering Hammer
Battle Knife
Battleforge Gauntlets
Battleforge Wristguards
Big-mouth Clam
Blanchard's Stout
Blocking Targe
Bloody Bone Necklace
Bludgeoning Cudgel
Blue Sapphire
Blunting Mace
Bolt of Linen Cloth
Bolt of Mageweave
Bolt of Silk Cloth
Bolt of Woolen Cloth
Box Shield
Brigade Leggings
Bright Boots
Bright Eyeball
Bright Gloves
Bright Mantle
Broad Claymore
Brocade Bracers
Brocade Cloak
Brocade Gloves
Brocade Pants
Brocade Shoes
Brocade Shoulderpads
Brocade Vest
Buccaneer's Orb
Buccaneer's Vest
Bulky Bludgeon
Bulky Maul
Burnished Leggings
Captain's Buckler
Captain's Key
Captain's Shoulderguards
Cedar Walking Stick
Champion's Bracers
Chief Brigadier Bracers
Chief Brigadier Girdle
Chromite Gauntlets
Clout Mace
Coarse Stone
Copper Ore
Coral Band
Councillor's Shoulders
Crescent Edge
Crested Buckler
Crochet Belt
Crochet Boots
Crochet Bracers
Crochet Cloak
Crochet Gloves
Crochet Hat
Crochet Pants
Crochet Shoulderpads
Crochet Vest
Cross Dagger
Cross-stitched Belt
Cross-stitched Bracers
Cross-stitched Gloves
Cross-stitched Pants
Cross-stitched Shoulderpads
Cross-stitched Vest
Crunchy Spider Leg
Crusader's Pauldrons
Crushing Maul
Cured Ham Steak
Dark Iron Scraps
Deep Fried Plantains
Defender Gauntlets
Deflecting Tower
Deft Stiletto
Delicate Insect Wing
Delicious Cave Mold
Dire Wand
Double Link Tunic
Double Mail Boots
Double Mail Bracers
Double Mail Coif
Double Mail Pants
Double Mail Shoulderpads
Dried King Bolete
Duskwoven Branch
Dwarven Mild
Ember Wand
Engraved Breastplate
Fen Ring
Field Plate Boots
Field Plate Girdle
Field Plate Pauldrons
Fine Aged Cheddar
Fine Longsword
Fine Pointed Dagger
Flask of Mojo
Forest Leather Belt
Forgotten Wraps
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Spirit
Formula: Enchant Shield - Stamina
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Demonslaying
Fortified Belt
Fortified Boots
Fortified Chain
Gigantic War Axe
Glimmering Mail Bracers
Gloom Reaper
Goblin Nutcracker
Gold Bar
Gold Ore
Golden Sansam
Goldenbark Apple
Gooey Spider Leg
Gossamer Headpiece
Gouging Pick
Greater Healing Potion
Greater Mana Potion
Greater Scythe
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 1
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 10
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 20
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 21
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 25
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 26
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 8
Grunt Axe
Guardian Blade
Hardened Cloak
Hardened Leather Boots
Hardened Leather Bracers
Hardened Leather Gloves
Hardened Leather Helm
Hardened Leather Pants
Hardened Leather Shoulderpads
Hardened Leather Tunic
Healing Potion
Heavy Flint Axe
Heavy Hide
Heavy Leather
Heavy Stone
Heavy War Staff
Hefty Battlehammer
Hefty War Axe
Hibernal Gloves
Homemade Cherry Pie
Hoop Earring
Hunting Knife
Imperial Leather Belt
Imperial Leather Gloves
Imperial Leather Spaulders
Imperial Red Bracers
Imperial Red Circlet
Imperial Red Pants
Interlaced Belt
Interlaced Boots
Interlaced Bracers
Interlaced Cloak
Interlaced Gloves
Interlaced Pants
Interlaced Shoulderpads
Iridescent Pearl
Iron Ore
Ivycloth Cloak
Ivycloth Sash
Jagged Axe
Journeyman's Backpack
Jouster's Visor
Keen Axe
Khadgar's Whisker
Khoo's Point
Lambent Scale Breastplate
Laminated Scale Boots
Laminated Scale Shoulderpads
Large Knapsack
Large Opal
Large War Club
Lesser Healing Potion
Lesser Mana Potion
Lesser Moonstone
Light Feather
Light Hide
Light Leather
Light Plate Chestpiece
Light Plate Shoulderpads
Light Scimitar
Linen Cloth
Linked Chain Belt
Linked Chain Bracers
Linked Chain Gloves
Linked Chain Pants
Linked Chain Shoulderpads
Linked Chain Vest
Long Bastard Sword
Long Redwood Bow
Long Tail Feather
Long-barreled Musket
Looming Gavel
Mageweave Cloth
Mana Potion
Marsh Chain
Meat Cleaver
Medium Hide
Medium Leather
Melon Juice
Mercurial Cloak
Metal Stave
Middle Map Fragment
Minor Mana Potion
Mishandled Recurve Bow
Mistscape Pants
Mithril Ore
Moist Cornbread
Moon Harvest Pumpkin
Moonberry Juice
Morning Glory Dew
Moss Agate
Mountain Silversage
Mulgore Spice Bread
Murloc Eye
Mutton Chop
Myrmidon's Breastplate
Mystical Headwrap
Nek'rosh's Head
Nightsky Armor
Nightsky Cloak
Oaken War Staff
Oiled Blunderbuss
Ornate Circlet
Ornate Cloak
Overlinked Chain Armor
Overlinked Chain Belt
Overlinked Chain Boots
Overlinked Chain Bracers
Overlinked Chain Cloak
Overlinked Chain Pants
Overlinked Chain Shoulderpads
Overlinked Coif
Pattern: Chimeric Leggings
Pattern: Guardian Cloak
Pattern: Heavy Earthen Gloves
Pattern: Stylish Green Shirt
Pattern: Swift Boots
Plans: Frost Tiger Blade
Plans: Golden Iron Destroyer
Plans: Radiant Breastplate
Plans: Thorium Bracers
Prairie Ring
Protective Pavise
Purple Lotus
Ranger Leggings
Ravasaur Scale Boots
Raw Black Truffle
Rawhide Belt
Rawhide Boots
Rawhide Bracers
Rawhide Gloves
Rawhide Shoulderpads
Rawhide Tunic
Recipe: Elixir of Lesser Agility
Recipe: Potion of Curing
Recurve Long Bow
Reflective Heater
Regal Cuffs
Regal Sash
Reinforced Buckler
Reinforced Chain Boots
Reinforced Chain Bracers
Reinforced Chain Cloak
Reinforced Chain Pants
Reinforced Chain Vest
Renegade Leggings
Reticulated Bone Gauntlets
Righteous Leggings
Roasted Quail
Rock Maul
Rough Stone
Royal Trousers
Sage's Boots
Scaled Leather Belt
Scaled Leather Bracers
Scouting Bracers
Sentinel Musket
Sharp Shortsword
Sharpshooter Harquebus
Shimmering Gloves
Shimmering Sash
Shimmering Trousers
Shiny Dirk
Shiny War Axe
Ship Schedule
Shoddy Blunderbuss
Short Cutlass
Silk Cloth
Silver Bar
Silver Ore
Silver-thread Gloves
Small Round Shield
Smooth Leather Armor
Smooth Leather Gloves
Smooth Leather Pants
Smooth Leather Shoulderpads
Smoothbore Gun
Snapvine Watermelon
Soft Banana Bread
Solid Stone
Southsea Pirate Hat
Spider Palp
Spiked Dagger
Splintering Battle Axe
Splitting Hatchet
Spongy Morel
Standard Claymore
Star Ruby
Stone Club
Stone War Axe
Stormwind Brie
Stout War Staff
Superior Boots
Superior Bracers
Superior Healing Potion
Superior Shoulders
Swashbuckler's Gloves
Sweet Nectar
Tangy Clam Meat
Tapered Greatsword
Taut Compound Bow
Tellurium Band
Thaumaturgist Staff
Thick Cloak
Thick Hide
Thick Leather
Thick Leather Belt
Thick Leather Boots
Thick Leather Bracers
Thick Leather Gloves
Thick Leather Hat
Thick Leather Pants
Thick Leather Shoulderpads
Thick-shelled Clam
Tin Ore
Tough Cloak
Tough Leather Armor
Tough Leather Belt
Tough Leather Boots
Tough Leather Bracers
Tough Leather Gloves
Tough Leather Pants
Tough Leather Shoulderpads
Tower Shield
Traveler's Backpack
Traveler's Gloves
Troll Sweat
Truesilver Bar
Truesilver Ore
Twill Boots
Twill Bracers
Twill Cloak
Twill Gloves
Twill Shoulderpads
Umbral Wand
Volatile Rum
Warped Blade
Wastewander Water Pouch
Whetted Claymore
Wild Hog Shank
Wild Steelbloom
Wooden Maul
Wool Cloth
Zesty Clam Meat
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