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Tin Vein
Object found in Zones:

Items looted from this object:

Blood Shard
Bloody Bear Paw
Canvas Bracers
Clam Meat
Coarse Stone
Crisp Spider Meat
Crunchy Spider Leg
Fist-sized Spinneret
Gnoll Spittle
Healing Potion
Iron Ore
Irradiated Crystal Shard
Lesser Healing Potion
Lesser Moonstone
Light Feather
Linen Cloth
Moss Agate
Mutated Vine
Raptor Egg
Raptor Hide
Rethban Ore
Silk Cloth
Small Dagger
Small Scorpid Claw
Spider Ichor
Spider Palp
Splintered Spider Fang
Tangy Clam Meat
Thick-shelled Clam
Tin Ore
Underlight Ore
Wool Cloth
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