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Icon Name Skill Components
Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle
x 1x 2x 1 
Wicked Moonstone Ring
x 1x 1x 4 
Amulet of the Moon
x 2x 1 
Silver Rose Pendant
x 1x 1x 2x 2 
Blazing Citrine Ring
x 1x 1 
Jade Pendant of Blasting
x 1x 2 
The Jade Eye
x 1x 2 
Figurine - Golden Hare
x 6x 2 
Figurine - Black Pearl Panther
x 4x 4 
Ruby Crown of Restoration
x 2x 2x 4x 4x 4 
Figurine - Truesilver Crab
x 2x 4x 2x 2x 4 
Figurine - Truesilver Boar
x 2x 4x 2x 2x 4 
The Aquamarine Ward
x 1x 1 
Gem Studded Band
x 2x 2x 4x 2 
Opal Necklace of Impact
x 2x 2x 4x 2x 2 
Figurine - Ruby Serpent
x 2x 2x 4x 2 
Emerald Crown of Destruction
x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2 
Figurine - Emerald Owl
x 2x 2x 2x 4 
Ring of Bitter Shadows
x 1x 2x 1 
Figurine - Black Diamond Crab
x 4x 4x 2x 2x 4 
Necklace of the Diamond Tower
x 2x 2x 2 
Arcanite Sword Pendant
x 4x 4x 4 
Blood Crown
x 8x 2x 4x 2 
Khorium Band of Shadows
x 2x 3x 3 
Khorium Band of Frost
x 2x 4x 3 
Khorium Band of Leaves
x 2x 4x 3 
Arcane Khorium Band
x 2x 4x 3 
Heavy Felsteel Ring
x 2x 4 
Delicate Eternium Ring
x 1x 5 
Blazing Eternium Band
x 2x 4x 4 
Pendant of Frozen Flame
x 2x 6x 4x 1 
Pendant of Thawing
x 2x 6x 4x 1 
Pendant of Withering
x 2x 6x 4x 1 
Pendant of the Null Rune
x 2x 8x 1 
Thick Felsteel Necklace
x 2x 3 
Living Ruby Pendant
x 4x 1x 1 
Braided Eternium Chain
x 2x 3 
Eye of the Night
x 2x 2x 1 
Embrace of the Dawn
x 2x 4x 2 
Chain of the Twilight Owl
x 2x 4x 2 
Circlet of Arcane Might
x 20x 20x 2x 5 
Figurine - Felsteel Boar
x 8x 2x 4 
Figurine - Dawnstone Crab
x 4x 2x 4 
Figurine - Living Ruby Serpent
x 2x 2x 4 
Figurine - Talasite Owl
x 2x 2x 4 
Figurine - Nightseye Panther
x 6x 2x 2 
Primal Stone Statue
x 1 
Ring of Arcane Shielding
x 2x 8 
The Natural Ward
x 4x 2x 6x 6 
Delicate Copper Wire1
x 2 
Braided Copper Ring1
x 2 
Woven Copper Ring1
x 2x 1 
Rough Stone Statue1
x 8 
Heavy Copper Ring5
x 4x 2 
Malachite Pendant20
x 1x 1 
Tigerseye Band20
x 1x 1 
Inlaid Malachite Ring30
x 2x 2 
Ornate Tigerseye Necklace30
x 2x 2x 1 
Bronze Setting50
x 2 
Elegant Silver Ring50
x 1 
Solid Bronze Ring50
x 4 
Thick Bronze Necklace50
x 2x 1x 1 
Coarse Stone Statue50
x 8 
Simple Pearl Ring60
x 1x 1x 2 
Bronze Band of Force65
x 2x 1x 3x 3x 2 
Gloom Band70
x 2x 1x 2 
Brilliant Necklace75
x 4x 1x 1 
Ring of Silver Might80
x 2 
Bronze Torc80
x 6x 1x 1 
Heavy Silver Ring90
x 2x 1x 1x 1 
Ring of Twilight Shadows100
x 2x 2 
Heavy Jade Ring105
x 1x 1x 2 
Barbaric Iron Collar110
x 8x 2x 2 
Heavy Stone Statue110
x 8 
Moonsoul Crown120
x 3x 3x 4x 4x 2 
Pendant of the Agate Shield
<Design: Pendant of the Agate Shield>
x 1x 1 
Golden Dragon Ring135
x 1x 2x 2 
Mithril Filigree150
x 2 
Engraved Truesilver Ring170
x 1x 2 
Solid Stone Statue175
x 10 
Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing180
x 1x 2x 2 
Golden Ring of Power180
x 4x 1x 1x 1 
Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
<Design: Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing>
x 1x 2x 2x 1 
Figurine - Jade Owl200
x 4x 2x 4x 4 
Truesilver Commander's Ring200
x 3x 2x 2 
Aquamarine Signet210
x 3x 4 
Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior220
x 1x 3 
Thorium Setting225
x 1 
Dense Stone Statue225
x 10 
Red Ring of Destruction230
x 1x 1 
Ruby Pendant of Fire235
x 1x 1 
Truesilver Healing Ring240
x 2x 2 
Simple Opal Ring260
x 1x 1 
Diamond Focus Ring265
x 1x 1 
Sapphire Signet275
x 4x 2x 1 
Onslaught Ring280
x 1x 1x 1 
Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night280
x 1x 1 
Glowing Thorium Band280
x 2 
Living Emerald Pendant290
x 2x 4x 4 
Emerald Lion Ring290
x 2 
Figurine - Dark Iron Scorpid
<Design: Dark Iron Scorpid>
x 4x 2x 2 
Band of Natural Fire310
x 1x 4x 4 
Fel Iron Blood Ring310
x 1x 2 
Golden Draenite Ring310
x 1x 2 
Azure Moonstone Ring320
x 1x 2x 1 
Mercurial Adamantite
Required object: Forge
x 4x 1 
Thick Adamantite Necklace335
x 2x 1 
Heavy Adamantite Ring335
x 1x 1 
Khorium Inferno Band
<Design: Khorium Inferno Band>
x 2x 4x 3 
Pendant of Shadow's End
<Design: Pendant of Shadow's End>
(requires Revered with The Aldor)
x 2x 6x 4x 1 
Coronet of the Verdant Flame
<Design: Coronet of Verdant Flame>
x 20x 20x 2x 5 
The Frozen Eye
<Design: The Frozen Eye>
(requires Honored with The Violet Eye)
x 4x 2x 6x 6 

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