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Entry Into the Citadel
Level [70], found in Hellfire Peninsula

This freshly cast mold was to be used to create a key of some sort. From the image engraved on its back, it appears to be related to Hellfire Citadel.

Maybe this could prove to interest to Nazgrel, the leader of the Horde's forces in Thrallmar.

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Quest Objectives:
Bring the Primed Key Mold to Nazgrel at Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.

Quest Locations:
Start: Primed Key Mold
End: Force Commander Danath Trollbane - Hellfire Peninsula (56, 66)

Related/Quest items:
Primed Key Mold (1)

Quest chain:
[70] Entry Into the Citadel
[70] Grand Master Rohok
[70] Rohok's Request
[70] Hotter than Hell

Quest Rewards:
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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