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Kill the Shadow Council!
Level [65], found in Terokkar Forest

What! Those guys are Shadow Council?!

{name}, you have to go back in there and waste them! I want you to take out their leader and as many of their executioners and summoners as you can.

After you're done with that, report back to Advisor Faila at Stonebreaker Hold.

Good luck, {class}!

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Quest Objectives:
Kill 10 Shadowy Executioners, 10 Shadowy Summoners and Shadowmaster Grieve, and then return to Advisor Faila at Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest.

Quest Locations:
Start: Private Weeks - Terokkar Forest (40, 35)
End: Lieutenant Gravelhammer - Terokkar Forest (57, 55)

Related mobs:
Amount Name Level Area
10Shadowy Executioner-1-64Terokkar Forest
10Shadowy Summoner-1-64Terokkar Forest
1Shadowmaster Grieve65-65Terokkar Forest

Quest chain:
[64] Speak with Scout Neftis
[65] Who Are They?
[65] Kill the Shadow Council!

Quest Rewards:
Rewards you can choose from:
Extra Sharp Blade
Spiked Destroyer
Invincible Stave
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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