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Arrival in Outland
Level [61], found in Hellfire Peninsula

This will probably be the first quest you do when you reach the Outland. It’s an easy errand quest, just speak to Commander Duron at the Stairs of Destiny right after the portal. He says:

I want you to speak with Amish Wildhammer, standing about 30 paces south of us, and catch the first flight to Honor Hold. When you arrive at Honor Hold, you'll be greeted by Marshal Isildor. I have prepared a report detailing our situation here. Give him the report, and tell him you're ready for duty.

You have your orders, soldier, now move out! And though your blood must be burning to help us against the fiends below, waste no time here. Honor Hold needs you even more.

You can do Through the Dark Portal first, but it isn’t a requirement. Now just go speak to Amish Wildhammer, the gryphon master nearby and he says:

Reports for Honor Hold? No problem – we’ll get you there fast and safe on one of my gryphons!

After this you get a quest called Journey to Honor Hold.

Guide by: Aegir

Quest Objectives:
Commander Duron at the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula wants you to bring Duron's Report to Amish Wildhammer.

Quest Locations:
Start: Commander Duron - Hellfire Peninsula (87, 51)
End: Amish Wildhammer - Hellfire Peninsula (87, 50)

Related/Quest items:
Duron's Report (1)

Quest chain:
[61] Through the Dark Portal
[61] Arrival in Outland
[61] Journey to Honor Hold
[60] Force Commander Danath

Quest Rewards:
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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