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A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans!
Level [66], found in Blade's Edge Mountains

T'chali wants revenge on all of the ogres!

T'chali was a powerful witch doctor in life. If you reach into me grave you will find a wicked strong fetish.

Invoke the fetish's magic at the entrances to the buildings and towers of both Bladespire Hold and Bloodmaul Outpost. The voodoo you work will summon an evil spirit that you must defeat. This in turn will curse that building.

Beware, if you attempt to curse a building that is already cursed, you will call down another cursed spirit!

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Quest Objectives:
Use the Wicked Strong Fetish to curse 5 buildings or towers in Bladespire Hold and 2 in Bloodmaul Outpost. Return to T'chali the Witch Doctor at Bloodmaul Ravine in the Blade's Edge Mountains after you have done so.

Quest Locations:
Start: T'chali the Witch Doctor - Blade's Edge Mountains (45, 71)
End: T'chali the Witch Doctor - Blade's Edge Mountains (45, 71)

Related mobs:
Amount Name Level Area
5Bladespire Evil Spirit66-66Blade's Edge Mountains
2Bloodmaul Evil Spirit66-66Blade's Edge Mountains

Related/Quest items:
Wicked Strong Fetish (1)

Quest chain:
[66] They Stole Me Hookah and Me Brews!
[66] Bladespire Kegger
[67] Grimnok and Korgaah, I Am For You!
[66] A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans!

Quest Rewards:
Rewards you can choose from:
Witch Doctor's Beads
T'chali's Kilt
Hexxer's Belt
Ogre Defiler's Handguards
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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