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Speak with Rilak the Redeemed
Level [63], found in Terokkar Forest

You look surprised to be talking to me. I do not blame you. My people, the arakkoa, deserve to be feared.

Speak with Rilak the Redeemed in Shattrath City if you wish to know more. He can be found in the northern part of the Lower City, with the other outcasts of Skettis.

And, {name}, we will speak again.

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Quest Objectives:
Kirrik the Awakened wants you to speak with Rilak the Redeemed in the Lower City district of Shattrath.

Quest Locations:
Start: Kirrik the Awakened - Terokkar Forest (37, 52)
End: Rilak the Redeemed - Shattrath City (61, 36)

Quest chain:
[63] Speak with Rilak the Redeemed
[62] The Eyes of Skettis
[63] Seek Out Kirrik
[64] Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk
[64] Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil
[64] Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike
[65] Veil Shalas: Signal Fires
[65] Return to Shattrath

Quest Rewards:
 Coin Reward:
XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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