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A Disturbing Development
Level [36], found in Dustwallow Marsh

Reports from our scout patrols have recently taken a disturbing turn. They tell of men wearing red Defias bandanas walking the Dreadmurk Shore north of Theramore's walls.

Wreckage in the area suggests they may be survivors of a shipwreck, but our information is limited. Captain Wymor at Sentry Point, a guard tower to the north of the city, is looking for help in following up on the reports.

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Quest Objectives:
Report to Captain Wymor at Sentry Point.

Quest Locations:
Start: Lieutenant Aden - Dustwallow Marsh (65, 46)
End: Captain Wymor - Dustwallow Marsh (59, 40)

Quest chain:
[36] A Disturbing Development
[37] Defias in Dustwallow?
[37] Renn McGill
[37] Secondhand Diving Gear
[37] Recover the Cargo!

Quest Rewards:
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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