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Arm the Wards!
Level [70]

We've succeeded in reactivating the crystal wards around the sanctum, but why stop there? We'll build defenses around the other structures, but the Wretched are stubborn and continue to steal power from the crystal wards.

Hunt them down and get the mana remnants they carry. Use the remnants to energize the sanctum wards; the safety of our operation depends on it.

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Quest Objectives:
Captain Theris Dawnhearth at the Shattered Sun Staging Area wants you to obtain 4 Mana Remnants from Wretched Fiends and Wretched Devourers and use them to energize one of the Crystal Wards surrounding the structures in Sun's Reach.

Quest Locations:
Start: Captain Theris Dawnhearth - Isle of Quel'Danas (47, 29)
End: Captain Theris Dawnhearth - Isle of Quel'Danas (47, 29)

Quest Rewards:
 Coin Reward:
 3 40
XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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Daily quest that yields 150 shattered sun offensive reputation. Pretty straight forward to do. [mana remnants] are easily aquired from the wretched Fiends and Devourers. Just above 30% droprate.
  By: Zengele - Written 3718 days ago

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