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A Dark Threat Looms
Level [18], found in Loch Modan

This is the third part of a saga, and to get it you must complete the previous parts. Speak to Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII at Stonewrought Dam. He says:

If my suspicions are correct, this is some type of explosive powder. This must be analyzed by an explosives expert so we know just what we're dealing with here. Ashlan Stonesmirk was assigned to the regiment guarding Dun Modr and the Thandol Span. I need you to make a grave and perilous journey, {name}.

Travel through the Algaz Gate, follow the road through the Wetlands and seek out Stonesmirk in Dun Modr. Heed my advice: stick to the roads and stop for nothing!

Now run west til you see the Algaz Station, then enter the tunnels leading north into the Wetlands. You will have to pass some areas guarded by Dragonmaw Scouts (level 19-20) and Dragonmaw Grunts (level 20-21), so you better have your running shoes on! When you leave Dun Algaz, follow the road north and watch out for the giant spiders. When you are halfway through the map, turn north right west of the Green Belt and north of the Angerfang Encampment. You will need to pass through an area inhabited by leve 25+ beasts, so be very careful and stick to the road. Continuing north will take you right into Dun Modr, which is held by level 28+ Elite foes, so be very cautious whne you approach Ashlan Stonesmirk. He says:

You say somethin?, sonny? Can't hear a bloody thing besides the ringin' in me ears. Say, what's that you got there? Ah, well Ol' Hinderweir is wise to be worried.

Now, get ready for the next part.

Guide by: Wowpeek Staff

Quest Objectives:
Chief Engineer Hinderweir wants you to take the strange smelling powder to Ashlan Stonesmirk, the explosives expert in Dun Modr.

Quest Locations:
Start: Ashlan Stonesmirk - Wetlands (50, 16)
End: Ashlan Stonesmirk - Wetlands (50, 16)

Related/Quest items:
Strange Smelling Powder (1)

Quest chain:
[18] A Dark Threat Looms
[18] A Dark Threat Looms
[18] A Dark Threat Looms
[18] A Dark Threat Looms
[18] A Dark Threat Looms
[18] A Dark Threat Looms
[20] A Dark Threat Looms

Quest Rewards:
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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