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Strange Sources
Level [56], found in Winterspring

To tell you the truth, although there are no volcanoes here in Winterspring, I believe that there are far more threatening reasons for these hot springs...

Well, I think you'll want to see it for yourself. You'll need to travel the length of Winterspring, and head to the very south. When the air becomes thick and muggy, and the sky turns dark, you'll have found what I believe to be the source of the hot springs.

Have a look. I'm sure you'll have many questions when you return.

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Quest Objectives:
Follow Donova Snowden's instructions, then report back.

Quest Locations:
Start: Donova Snowden - Winterspring (31, 44)
End: Donova Snowden - Winterspring (31, 44)

Quest chain:
[55] Finding the Source
[55] The New Springs
[56] Strange Sources

Quest Rewards:
Rewards you will automatically get:
Deep River Cloak
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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follow the road south when you are at (60,73), just over the bridge, you done with the quest
  By: phfee - Written 3569 days ago

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