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A Bundle of Hides
Level [10], found in The Barrens

This is the first part of a small series of tutorial quests meant to teach you how to travel between the cities and settlements in Kalimdor via the flight routes. This one is the tauren version, but you begin it in the Crossroads by speaking to Jahan Hawkwing. He will say:

I have a bundle of hides from the animals of the Barrens, and must get them to Thunder Bluff. A colleague there, Ahanu, will use the hides to create leather goods.

Will you take the hides to him for me?

The quickest way to Thunder Bluff is on the back of a wind rider. Bring the bundle of hides to Devrak, our wind rider master in the Crossroads, and speak to him about transport to Thunder Bluff.

Head to the centre of the Crossroads where you will find the wind rider master. Speak to him, and he will say:

Are you here for a wind rider? You have something to transport? If you must take these hides to Thunder Bluff, then you are speaking to the right orc!

Give him the Bundle of Hides and he will begin the next quest in line, called Ride to Thunder Bluff. Do not worry about the flight expenses, you'll get plenty of coin when the entire story line is done

Guide by: Wowpeek Staff

Quest Objectives:
Bring the Bundle of Hides to the wind rider master Devrak in the Crossroads.

Quest Locations:
Start: Jahan Hawkwing - The Barrens (51, 29)
End: Devrak - The Barrens (52, 30)

Related/Quest items:
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Quest chain:
[10] A Bundle of Hides
[10] Ride to Thunder Bluff
[10] Tal the Wind Rider Master
[10] Return to Jahan

Quest Rewards:
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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