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The New Springs
Level [55], found in Un'Goro Crater

Now, I've heard about other hot springs in a place called Winterspring, far to the north of here. The strange thing is, there are no volcanoes anywhere near them. Interesting, I know.

Well, if you want to find out more, you should head to Winterspring and speak to a friend of mine. Her name is Donova Snowden, and she is currently staying by the hot springs there.

Thanks again for helping me with my thermometer! See you later!

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Quest Objectives:
Travel to Winterspring and speak with Donova Snowden.

Quest Locations:
Start: Krakle - Un'Goro Crater (31, 50)
End: Donova Snowden - Winterspring (31, 44)

Quest chain:
[55] Finding the Source
[55] The New Springs
[56] Strange Sources

Quest Rewards:
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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