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Maktu's Revenge
Level [64], found in Zangarmarsh

Last time Maktu was out hunting hydras for hides at Serpent Lake, he was attacked by the biggest hydra he's ever seen. Maktu reached for his spear, but it was too late. He had just enough time to escape becoming hydra food.

Who knows? Maybe next time, Maktu not be so lucky. Maktu wants to be there so there won't be a next time. Will you help Maktu get his revenge on Mragesh?

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Quest Objectives:
Locate and kill Mragesh, then return to Maktu at the Orebor Harborage.

Quest Locations:
Start: Maktu - Zangarmarsh (42, 27)
End: Maktu - Zangarmarsh (42, 27)

Related mobs:
Amount Name Level Area

Quest chain:
[64] Natural Armor
[64] Maktu's Revenge

Quest Rewards:
Rewards you can choose from:
Onslaught Elixir
Adept's Elixir
 XP Reward:

Quest summary:







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Mragesh is lurking in the waters near 42, 42 just north of the little island in Serpent Lake.
  By: brunis - Written 3772 days ago

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