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Profession guide by: Aegir
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Tailoring is primarily a skill for cloth-users, but at the same time it has a very wide use for all classes since it enables you to craft bags. Any class can benefit from Tailoring, but certain classes like Mage, Priest and Warlock will have most use from it. Once you get past level 350 you can specialize in either Shadowweave Tailoring, Mooncloth Tailoring or Spellfire Tailoring allowing you to craft advanced recipes restricted from the average tailor. Most crafted gear is slightly better than the gear you get from non-elite quests, but once you hit higher levels you might find it hard to compete against epic dungeon gear. Also many of the most powerful high level recipes are either dropped from monsters or tied to a certain reputation with one or more factions, requiring a lot of work.

TIP:  Tailoring is a nice way to boost your Cloth-User with crafted armor, but it main use is its ability to produce bags ranging from 6-20 slots and wanted by most classes in the game.

As opposed to many other professions Tailoring does not require a gathering skill. Instead you use various types of cloth dropped by humanoid monsters in the game. The types of cloth and level range of monsters dropping it are as follow: Linen Cloth (Level 5-20), Wool Cloth (Level 20-30), Silk Cloth (Level 30-40), Mageweave Cloth (Level 40-50), Felcloth (Satyrs in Felwood and Azshara), Runecloth (Level 50-65), Mooncloth (Crafted), Netherweave Cloth (Level 60-70), Imbued Netherweave (Crafted), Shadowcloth (Crafted), Primal Mooncloth (Crafted), Spellcloth (Crafted), Soulcloth (Crafted). The five high level cloth types are recipes that can be bought in Shattrath City and require multiple ingredients to produce.

Since Tailoring require no gathering skills it is ideal to combine with Enchanting which allows you to pick up cloth drops, craft them into items and then disenchant those for Enchanting materials. To secure a good progress with your Tailoring make sure to learn as many recipes as you can and focus on the “grinding recipes” that require easy-to-get materials.

A good way to maximize your skill progress is to save up large amounts of cloth and spend them at the right moment – it’s all a matter of timing. In order to turn the raw Cloth into crafted items you must first process them into Bolts, for example Bolt of Linen Cloth and so forth. To do this you buy a recipe from your trainer. Now using this recipe can give you skill levels in itself without actually spending your cloth. So as soon as you can learn the next processing recipe, make sure to have a large stash of that particular cloth type, like 200+ pieces. To make the most out of it, don’t craft any other recipes before the processing recipe turns either green or grey. This way you can gain 5-15 skill levels (depending on luck) without actually spending your cloth.

Alliance Tailoring Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman (1-75)
Azuremyst Isle Erin Kelly
Darkshore Grondal Moonbreeze
Darnassus Trianna
Elwynn Forest Eldrin
Ironforge Uthrar Threx
Stormwind Lawrence Schneider
The Exodar Kayaart
Expert (75-150)
Darnassus Me'lynn
Ironforge Jormund Stonebrow
Stormwind City Sellandus
Stranglethorn Vale Grarnik Goodstitch
The Exodar Refik
Artisan (150-225)
Stormwind City Georgio Bolero
Master (225-300)
Dustwallow Marsh Timothy Worthington
Shadoweave tailors
Stormwind City Jalane Ayrole
Grandmaster (300-375)
Hellfire Peninsula Hama


Horde Tailoring Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman (1-75)
Eversong Woods Sempstress Ambershine
Orgrimmar Snang
Silvermoon City Galana
The Barrens Kil'hala
Thunder Bluff Vhan
Tirisfal Glades Bowen Brisboise
Undercity Victor Ward
Expert (75-150)
Orgrimmar Magar
Silvermoon City Keelen Sheets
Stranglethorn Vale Grarnik Goodstitch
The Barrens Mahani
Thunder Bluff Tepa
Undercity Rhiannon Davis
Artisan (150-225)
Undercity Josef Gregorian
Master (225-300)
Hillsbrad Foothills Daryl Stack
Shadoweave tailors
Undercity Josephine Lister
Grandmaster (300-375)
Hellfire Peninsula Dalinna


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